May 3, 2002
no...I am not talking about boozing. I am talking about using a juice machine to make juice from fruits and vegetables. Okay. I like fresh squeezed carrot juice but at 14 pesos a pound was a little to much. So I now go down to the almacene in downtown Santiago...not a great smelling place...and buy 125 pound sack of carrots. The price is 400 pesos. That price may be a little higher than what a colmado might purchase for. I did not argue the price. It seemed good enough to me. So I have all the carrot juice I desire for about 2 weeks...give some carrots to neighbors...and use some for cooking....buttered carrots. Only drawback is you have to clean them yourself...they are right out of the muddy ground. You will want to let them soak for a couple hours and that makes them easier to clean. Once clean, you can store in frig...if no room in frig...you can dip in water with a tad of clorine and place in a dry area. They will keep for two weeks or more. First time I did this...I did now know what I was doing and I was a bit lazy that day...just told the guy to throw it in the back. He goes inside and get the sack and throws it in the back. I did not bother to check it out and he had given me an older sack of carrots that went bad fast. But the next time, I watched everything and got the fresh Monday morning sack.

I was thinking you guys on the north coast might create a coop...and buy your fruits and veggies, eggs, etc...in bulk straight from the grower or from a distributer. For example, I priced a 125 pound bag of the best rice at 12 pesos per pound. That is a savings of about 5 to 7 pesos per pound. They will sell to anyone. You don't have to own a colmado to buy.

Needless to say, on a clear day I can see Cuba...and if you are looking for me...just look for the bright orange guy.


Jan 1, 2002
Interesting post, Snuffy. There is the potential for real savings.


Moderator - East Coast & Headline News
Dec 9, 2002
Yumm. I love carrot juice. Must get a juicer one of these days.