Legislator defends why he should be allowed to continue selling to the government


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Feb 20, 2019
Alexis Victoria / El Nacional

The Procurement Agency director, Carlos Pimentel announced this week crosschecks of the state providers list with high-ranking government officers, legislators and judges.

Procurement Law 340-06 bans these from selling to the government. But over the years, government officers selling to the government has become the new normal. Government officers have made millions using their influence to peddle goods and services to the state.

The Abinader government won the election promising change. Now the government Ethics, Anti-Corruption and Procurement agencies and the Attorney General Office are “investigating” several of these Procurement Law violations.

Legislator Alexis Victoria Yeb (PLD- Maria Trinidad Sánchez) acknowledges he is a provider to the state. He argues that he is legal because of the exceptions included in the National State of...

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