Listin Diario new web page today


Nov 8, 2006
Um.. what about it? Not too different from what it was before. Lighter colors is the main thing I noticed..

Also... page divided in 3 columns...
below Big Entremiento section, followed by big Sport section
and all the mags Ritmo Social, Oh! mag, Zona N and E.
for me it's totally different.


Former Spanish forum Mod 2010-2021
Dec 26, 2003
It is a new format...

A few Latin newspapers that I read changed their format recently, within the last week or so. One of the reasons why I stopped reading List?n Diario was because of the old format. It was totally outdated and no longer felt user friendly or organized when reading. The font as well was horrible.

One newspaper that I read regularly is La Prensa (Nicaragua) and they have a new format too very similar to this one which they rolled out recently. I find it to be so much better to read and yes, the colours chosen are superb also. It's a much more enjoyable reading experience compared to the old layout.

LA PRENSA — EL Diario de los Nicarag?enses

Back to reading List?n Diario among my group of papers thanks to your post. I am not sure when I would have noticed the change since I do not read Dominican papers very often. :)