Looking for an Apartment


New member
Sep 19, 2007
I am seeking some advice and help to find a place to stay for my 90 day stay this summer. I've been trying to find one by use of internet but this method does not compare to word of mouth or local classifieds. I've looked at the home section of dr1.com and checked out a few Google searches but most of the property listed is out of my price range. If anyone happens to know of an available place, any referrals or suggestions would be great. I'll include some details of what I seek...

-1 Bedroom (Worst case scenario I will accept an efficiency apartment/studio)
-Safe neighborhood
-Constant electricity & water tank required.
-Occupants will consist of my girlfriend and I
-Furnished + Appliances (Washer / Cable TV / Stove)
-Kitchen + Internet access is required.
-Location: not too picky about this one but somewhere near the general area of Santiago or Puerto Plata would be great.

If any more details are needed, please give me a message. Thank you for the taking time to read my post.