Looking For Buddy For Sailing or Diving


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May 2, 2013
I recently took a ride up the south west coast (Barahona and below). The beauty of the ocean I have not seen matched on this island as when I got on the side. So many different colors of blue. I thought the diving must be fantastic out here. Better than all the other areas east that are overpopulated and over touristed (Boca Chica, Sousa and Bayahibe).

So I want to try to dive these areas. I am an advanced PADI diver (Nitrox) with at least 100 dives. Looking for a dive buddy of similar skill. If you dive and are looking for someone to explore the semi unexplored with you let me know also.

My girlfriend is Dominican and it was hard enough to get her through her basic license I doubt she has a desire to dive unknown territories.

Also if you own a boat, sailboat and are looking for some crew for that weekend I would love to pitch in with some cash and do what ever tasks you need crew to do as long as I can bring dive gear and tanks.