Looking for spanish lessons in Santiago


Jan 1, 2002
Yes, of course i do.

There are probably five or six options. Depending on your pocketbook and preferences.

If you want, pm me and I'll get you an email of a guy that has visited four of them with his son. He'll be happy to share with you.



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Feb 9, 2004
Spanish lessons in Santiago

Hi, I studied in 2004 and 2006 for a few weeks at the Berlitz Institute in Santiago and had positive experiences both times. Their method, as you may know, is "one on one" and at first I was reluctant to give up the traditional class of 6 or 7 students and one teacher. I was quickly won over to their methods and had a great time. I think I learned more than my summers studying in Salamanca, Spain.

As an aside, on my last trip in February, I was able to meet Hillbilly and his lovely wife--what a treat!! He is every bit as kind and helpful as I had been led to believe from his posts. Listen to his advice, for he is the expert--truly!! Their home is lovely and his culinary skills are tops!

Buena suerte con tus leciones. I forgot to mention that the Berlitz classes and teachers are very flexible if you need to study early in the morning or late in the afternoon or evening--or any time in-between.

I can't wait to return to La Republica Dominicana!

Nancy Bell