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Jun 30, 2014
My name is Michael and I'm interested in a job but don't have a work permit or cedula. I live in Santiago, I'm a 62 year old American but have lived in the DR for more than 20 years. English is my native tongue but I also speak Spanish, not completely fluent but pretty good. Please let me know if anyone knows of a call center in Santiago that will hire without a cedula or work permit.


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Apr 1, 2014
Without a cedula most decent call centers will not hire you. I have a Cuban friend stuck in the same situation.
Up until the start of 2015 most centers would hire anyone who is fluent in English but a lot has changed since then.

I've been working in the outsourcing industry down here off and on for about ten years.
My advice would be to visit some of the bigger more well known centers around lunch time and try making small talk with employees. Ask people you meet if they know of any centers operating on a less formal basis. If you speak with enough people someone will.

If you have a home computer with electricity and good internet speed I recommend you look on Craigslist for remote work. Miami/ South FL seems to have a lot of listings.
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Jan 20, 2003
Even with a cedula, agism is on steroids in the DR. Unless you are willing to create your own job, finding a job while in your 60's is going up a very steep hill. I say beyond 40 years old things get tougher regarding finding a job. It isn't impossible, but there is a but in all of this.