Los Patos



Not trying to kidnap the thread, if so, sorry. Has someone been in Los Patos lately? The last time I stayed there was in 1997 and I loved it.


Los Patos near Barahona? Long way from Guayacanes if so! Los Patos has had a make over, but the river and sea are still the same. Prices increased as well!



Mods you may want to move this to the South West forum as it is a long way from Guayacanes to Los Patos.
Fulano2 here is a video of it now - there is a boardwalk and the eating area/restaurants are posher. As you can see, luckily they didn't replace the sea - it is still beautiful!




That is such a beautiful spont! It was always my favorite stop on the way down to Pedernales. The Fish is Amazing

and the River water so very refreshing... The beach was very rocky and I am a "spoiled soft sand" beach person so skipped that.

Further South there were a few pretty high end hotels opening up when I was last there - prob about 2014..

One in Pariso

another -- a bit further south...

There are a few outside of Bahrarona where I also stayed but were not really Worth A Trip.

Pedernales Is Worth the Trip, I think - the drive alone along the coast road - Even by Bus - is one of the best in the World.

There are two hotels I used to stay in there -

One was Dona Chava which is charming and billed as a sort of "ecolodge" which is I guess what they call it when they do not have AC but do have a patio with benches and a parrot.

Then another a bit further afield - I would have to search for it.. but it is the only one in town with a swimming pool.

Pedernales only fills with tourists from the Capital on weekends but it would be wise to make reservations there if you plan on going over a weekend.

And bring plenty of cash... since more than once I have had to stay over til Monday afternoon since the AtM machine would run out of cash..

The main draw, of course, is Bahia de Las Agiles

Which - I assume that Everyone Who Lives there is actually required to visit, right? There is some sort of question about it on the residency papers?
Well, there ought to be.

But outside of town there is a road going off to the North and up into the pine forests - which reminds me of the Canadian NW,..

Bring/rent a 4x4

It is tough going on the back of a motochoncho!! Sure - They will SAY that they can take you... But...just - don't.