Luis Abinader: Dominican Economy, Public Medical Care, Electricity, Dominican Parade in NYC


Economist by Profession
Jan 20, 2003
In the most recent interview of Luis Abinader in Hoy Mismo touches on the Dominican economy since he has been president.

He says:

- Except in 2020, the economy has grown every year since then.

- Economic growth has been less than expected in the first half of 2023, but incentives are in place to ensure a higher economic growth during the second half.

- The goal has been to reduce inflation. The worry from the government is for the average Dominican to not lose his purchasing power.

- The minimum wage not sectorizefd is the highest it has ever been.

- Unemployment is now lower than pre-pandemic (2019).

- Poverty has been reduced, contrary to most countries where poverty has increase.

- Government transfers to families in need that tripled.

- The government is actively working via Pro MIPIME in giving financing to small businesses (to encourage their growth and development).

- The Banco Agrícola* has received from the central goverment RD$18 billion. More than in the previous years.

- Updating public hospitals continues. Currently, 70 public hospitals are being modernized. The Mario Tolentino Dipp General Hospital, which has been abandoned
/under construction for years in the Ciudad Sanitaria in Santo Domingo Norte, is currently being worked on. The first fase of the Northeast Regionsl Hospital in San Francisco de Macorís will be inaugurated in October 2023.

- Currently, the greatest quantity of power generation is under tender and construction.

- The power outages are now due to transmission issues, not due to power generation and finances. Mostly power circuits that are receiving more power than they can handle (due to the increased demand) causing things such as transformers failing.

- By the end of 2024, the capacity of generating renewable energy (solar, wind, etc) will be tripled.

- The president will be present in this year's Dominican Parade in NYC to show support to the Dominican diaspora.

* Encourages the Dominican agricultural sector.​