Major League baseball has lots of Dominicans


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Feb 20, 2019
Julio Rodríguez / Diario Libre

With five Dominican pitchers starring in the Opening Day baseball games, the 2024 Major League Baseball season got underway last Thursday, 25 March 2024.

There were 108 Dominican players on Major League rosters as the season started, and this number was only exceeded a few years back when there were 110 teams from the Dominican Republic on the rosters.

More than 25% of all professional, major-league, ballplayers are foreign-born, and the list is led, by far, by Dominicans. Venezuela is second with just over half of the Dominican total at 58 players.

Overall, 264 of the 949 players on major league rosters and injured reserve lists are from countries or territories outside of the 50 states of the United States.

As anyone who is familiar with professional baseball will know, it is the Hispanic players from the Americas and the Asian players...

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