Marileidy Paulino renounces running in the 4 x 400 mixed relay; the men just don’t have the times to win a medal


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Feb 20, 2019

27-year old Marileidy Paulino, already an Olympic silver medal winner (4 x 400m mixed relay and 400m in Tokyo 2020), has announced that she will not participate in the Mixed 4 x 400 m relay in the Paris Olympics this summer.

The Dominican Republic mixed relay team during The Bahamas relays qualifier this May achieved a slot in the Paris Olympics. But the qualification came only after a heroic feat by Paulino in the last leg of the race. Paulino ran a 48:93 leg, the best of all the women in the event, to move the team’s positioning in the heat from fifth place to second. Paulino’s best time is 48:77 made in the World Athletics Championships held in Budapest where she won gold in the 400m.

The problem is the Dominican athletics team lacks strong male runners, and this diminishes the chances of the DR even making the finals during the Paris Olympics.

In Tokyo 2020 (2021) the...

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