Minister of Women Jiménez: three grounds will be present until they are approved


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Feb 20, 2019
Mayra Jiménez / El Caribe

The Minister of Women of the Dominican Republic spoke up again on the issue of abortion in the country. At present, an estimated 70,000 abortions are carried out covertly in the country, yet the pressure of religious groups keeps mostly low-income women from receiving adequate medical attention. The Dominican Penal Code is radical and bans abortion without exceptions.

“It is an issue that will always be present because women will never give up the sacred right to have a criminal code that guarantees our human rights,” were the words of Minister of Women Mayra Jimenez when referring to the issue of the three exceptions to abortion, which has returned to the forefront with the ongoing process to replace five judges of the Constitutional Court. A revision of the Penal Code is on hold as legislators fear losing the vote of pro life or pro 3 grounds advocates...

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