Motorcycles from P.R. to D.R.??


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Oct 2, 2006
Hi All, I spend the winters in Santo Domingo and am wondering about the availability or advisability of bringing a vehicle to the DR? I've read all the horror stories, etc.. and know all about the crazy drivers (been there, seen that).

Here's my question though: I have a 2008 Suzuki Burgman 400 Maxi-Scooter - love this thing and it's a hoot to ride on and I believe it would be a really good transport option for the DR. BUT, I'd only like to have it there for say4-5 months max.

Can I take the bike to Mayaguez,P.R. and bring it across on the ferry to SDQ for a limited amount of time?? Would it be legal to drive with US plates again for a limited time??

The plan would be to ship the bike back to US after the winter.



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Dec 9, 2002
Yes, if the same rules apply to motorbikes as cars you probably can, but there is a considerable amount of paperwork involved. I see vehicles with PR plates driving around, maybe it's different for motorbikes.


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Nov 3, 2008
As long as the vehicle is registered in another country and is not older than 5 years of age, it is fine. The only rule concerning the amount of time it is allowed in the DR is that you must be in possession of the vehicle. In other words, you can't drive it into Santo Domingo, leave it with a friend and fly out There is a group of Harley drivers who take the ferry and cruise the campo. I have seen plates from Florida on many different vehicles and a few from Canada as well.