My Best Purchase So Far


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Jul 14, 2012
I got frustrated with people hitting me with high beams in my low-slung Honda Accord and worried about all of the organ donors around here driving flat-out at night on supercubs with no lights, so I brought a Xenon high beam conversion kit I found on Ebay back with me to the D.R. a month ago. It was only a few hundred pesos to have them installed. My gf thought I was crazy to be putting new lights (I changed out the sun-damaged plastic headlights too) and good tires on a car that I planned to sell shortly. I tried to explain in my bad Spanish that I sold a car once when I was a feckless teenager that I knew had problems and I've never forgotten it.

Anyway, last Saturday evening, after I got lost and stuck in whatever that heinous parking lot for guaguas and pushcarts is under the freeway in Santo Domingo for close to 90 minutes, I found myself breaking all of my rules and driving back to the North Coast in a torrential storm after the sun went down. Somewhere along the way, during a brief internal when the rain let up, I came up very fast on a parked truck on a bridge in my lane with no visible tail lights at around sixty miles per hour. The tall stack of white bags of what I'm guessing was rice stood out brilliantly in the total darkness in my high beams and I was able to stop in time.

My Xenon conversion high beam kit was the best $35 investment I've ever made. Everyone should get them for whatever they drive if they ever plan to drive at night in this country, and even if they don't.

Stay safe!


Aug 4, 2003
Couldnt agree more! Doesnt matter the age of the car, if you have trouble seeing at night, a set of xenon lights will cure that problem. You will think to yourself, how the hell did I used to drive before.

The difference in highway driving is unbelievable! Helps a lot in the city as well.... for 2000 pesos its one of the best investments you can make for yourself if you drive at night.

As long as they are properly calibrated/"aimed" correctly, they shouldnt affect oncoming drivers.


Mar 3, 2005
When I moved here a good friend informed me that high power high beams were one of the most important things on the road. I thought she was nuts but...turns out she was right. No street lights to speak of and others with 10,000,000 candle power headlights virtually require it. If not for seeing...then for some form of self defense!


Sep 27, 2006
i may consider that. with myopia as bad as mine i am half blind anyways...