My dog is the hero of today on our street!


Mar 13, 2005
My dalmatian, Tequila, (1 1/2 yr ) is the queen of the day on our street, downtown in Puerto Plata.
Yesterday evening, around 11 p.m., she was barking from the patio, very upset... I figured it was something not correct, but everything was calm outside.. I took her out, and asked the neighbour to go with me, and there was a robber trying to break in to our colmado.. He had already broke up 2 looks out of 4... We let the dog lose, in the hope that it would scare the robber off... but she ran after him, took a bite in his jeans, and did not let go until my neigbour came to get a hold of him.
Today Tequila have had free food - All inclusive - in the colmado every time she goes out... Her choice has been salami, ham, and she toasted in a little Red Rock with the colmado owner...

The good thing that came out of this, is a subject that have been discussed here on dr1 before, is that all neigbours gathered and everybody discussed how we can prevent this from happening and "selfguard" our own little neigbourhood.. We will meet tomorrow evening in a nearby school and discuss this... I don?t know what will come out of it, but many topics were up even last night.. everything from safety, taking turns in cleaning ( instead of that everybody cleans outside their own door ), exchange of fruits from garden, babysitting etc etc...
We?ll see! But it was a good start, and no one stayed inside, everybody was ready to help the colmado owner, to assist in extra locks for the night, lamps etc etc..
There is a spirit burning! ;)

El Tigre

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Jan 23, 2003
Very nice story

I'm glad your dog wasn't hurt. Usually thieves carry some kind of weapon with them.


Mar 13, 2005
We checked that first the best we could... the colmado is 2 houses away from me and I let the dog lose only after he had seen us and started running in the hope it would chase him away completely...this was a youngster, all he had was a big bag and a brand from a tree.. that we could see. He ran directly when the dog came running, barking like furious.. I would never risk my dog for anything... a robber of this kind ( robbing food ) rather runs than goes into something more difficult...

Danny W

Mar 1, 2003
Love the "all inclusive". Tell me about your dog. Are Dalmations well behaved or are they lunatics? I have never owned one, but I like them. - D


Mar 13, 2005
Dalmatians are very social.. actually one of the few raises that can smile! They lift up their lips and shows all their teeth when very happy!!
They are easy to train, 300 years ago they were therefor used as circus and entertainment dogs!! Also used in history as guards for warehouses, sheeps etc. In England they used the Dalmatians as company dogs and guard dogs in the 1600- and 1700...
A Dalmatian is very much a part of the family.. because of their social way of behaving...
Ours fit in in all ways of "how Dalmatians are"... In the morning she tries to put me out of my bed.. to get it for herself!

To check when/if you plan to get a dalmatian is that the puppy can hear. Very many dalmatians are born deaf.
They can also get problems with their kidneys, and most vets suggests a special diet when they are puppies.

A Dalmatian needs a real walk and also to run around lose.. they have alots of energy!!
They love to play and love to learn new "tricks"... that hopefully pays off in something tasty...

My dog is "useful" around the house in the sense that she barks when she hears something, she checks around.. She has different kinds of barks if someone she knows is coming, or a stranger..
I guess most dogs have that..

Anyway, she is adorable, lovable and very funny... oh, I forgot.. stubborn.. she has a very special " I-don?t hear you and I dont understand you - look" when she wants to!


Jan 1, 2002
Carina, it is a great story and I'm glad the ending was happy. But, like you, I thought the best part was how this incident has caused the neighbors to talk together about how to clean up the neighborhood. I hope you will keep us posted on what happens next. Will this spark stay lit?


Jan 1, 2002
Great story Carina and well done Tequila!!

Dalmatians are very possessive dogs and will go after anybody they feel is invading "their" territory. They are excellent guard dogs and great family pets, but those outside the family might encounter a GRRR or two if they are too close to a family member.. Dalmatians do bite.

I am so happy that this story had a happy ending: "all inclusive!!" that is great!

HB :p:p


Mar 13, 2005
Tequila is very happy with her AI... She?s out there right now... and she is a little funny... when she sees the owner of the colmado she barks like h--l...
like she wants to show how brave she is to get some more of the goodies...

Hillbilly, you are so right about Dalmatians... they are the most sweet creations ever imaginable... with those they love... strangers get another approach... They are protective... yet love to play around and be a true part of the family...


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Oct 17, 2004
My dog is the hero of the day

Very great story and well told..... I know Tequila now! I loved it!


Mar 13, 2005
My street

Let me tell you a little about my street and my neigbours...
For those of you living here on the island... you know it all, but for someone not living here it might be interesting.

I live down town in Puerto Plata, very close to the Amber Museum, on a little street - my part goes between Ante Ramota and Beller. It is a quiet part, early morning we hear the birds, and now at shortly after 9 in the evening it is quiet apart from some people passing or a dog barking somewhere..
I have tried the countryside life and I have lived in Torre Alta, and finally desided after a few years the city is my melody...

Now we live in a nice cement house, with a big patio where we have all kinds of flowers, lemons, palms and relaxing areas..

The house beside mine is a green colored wooden house.
It is maintained "Dominican Style", meaning the front is lovely, and the backside have not been maintained for ages, maybe only with a quarter of paint or so..
It is clean, very local and owned by very,very typical Dominicans.
The mother, Sofia, is up early every morning, listening to the radio, humming along to a familiar song...
Her kids are grown more or less, but they all live at home. One son goes to school, a daughter is working for Orange.
Another son is around 25, not doing much... He makes the orange juice for their caf? they have in the front at nights.. I taught the mother, Sofia, the meaning of the word "orange" and told her now she has 2 children working for and with Orange...But he helps us around every now and then too, goes for gas or any other arrend..
When the lunch or dinner is cooking you smell the good spices around their house...and you get hungry at once! When they are out on money and gas, the coal and the tinbucket come to use and they cook outside.
The grandmother is also living there, she and her husband built the house when she was newly married. She is 86 or 88 now - she does not remember, and relaxes in her rocking chair all day long. She told me, at her stage in life a year more or less becomes not very important.
She is extremely small, always smiling when I meet her.
The son who does nothing, also have his 2 kids living with them, 3 and 5 years old.. I don?t know where the mother of the children is, have never seen her.
They have very few toys, almost only what we gave them.
But they do have imagination... like to play hide and seek and hide in a suitcase.. or to use mangos when playing baseball without a ball..

Across the street is a very teal colored house. Big, almost covered by an even bigger mango tree. Leo lives here. He is a little over 60 and lived for 20 years in New York. He speaks English, and is very lonely. His family lives in Santiago and his older brother in New York. Leo is the one who knows everything what is going on here, if someone is sick, if someone needs help or if someone has bought something new.. He has a small pension from US and he rents out the basement of his house to a man. The garage is also rented out to my other neigbours ( see below ). Leo shares his mangos with everyone and he loves what he calls "foreign music".. We copy alots of music to him. Most he likes James Brown and Celine Dion for now!
His house is newly pained... his brother came to visit the first time in 5 years recently, and Leo was busy months in advance.. He still have 1 of the 2 doors of the garage to paint.. the paint he bought was not enough, then he had no money and now he has forgotten about it!
Leo loves cookies, and lives on "plato del dia"... when he is broke, a week before the pension, he buys on credit in the colmado.

My other neigbour on my side is Eduardo. He is about 30 and the house is small, pink and in wood. His mother plants fruits somewhere outside town and leaves early, comes back late. Her truck is parked at night in Leos garage.
Their house has an outdoor bathroom in the back, and only 2 rooms.
But it is enough space for the scooter Eduardo drives, for an inversor and some furniture. Eduardo produces music, puts his money on music equipment, on music itself, on clothes and his looks. He is not a sankie, looks a little like one, and always busy.
Sometimes you think, if the wind is too hard, this house will fall.. but this little house is one of the best equiped on the street! No one has the music equipment Eduardo has, microwave, inversor, top fronted washing mashine etc etc..
The mother is old, have problems walking, one of her feet is totally black..
On Sundays she washes the sheets and hangs them to dry on the wall on the opposite side of the street!

Next house is a small cement house, a very young couple lives there.
They are expecting their first baby very soon, and the soon to be mother is very stressed how she will be able to afford everything.. she is cleaning most of the days, want everything to be beautiful for the baby.
The soon to be father, says almost nothing, he says I cannot stop her and she would only get upset... and he dont like to be around when she is upset!

Then we have the colmado... Another pink house in wood. Denny is working there with his son, every day from 8 to 2 and from 5-11.. The colmado is small, they have no meat etc exept ham and salami.. Otherwise you can buy everything here, from candies, to spices, oil, dypers, cans, vegetables, bred, juice, brugal....Fresh? Not very clean... most like colmados are.. The lightbulb in the front is covered by a plastic bottle from a water gallon cut in two pieces. And inside there is an emergency lamp hanging in the ceiling.
Everybody checks in here every day, to buy something you forgot, or to just say hello to Denny...
When Denny had problems with his back, everybody helped out and worked for an hour or so every day so the place could be open..
Denny is our hero, always there, xmas, the morning after the hurricane... " I figured you might need an open colmado today"... that?s the heart of Denny...
He is a little dissapointed though, that we aren?t from New York. When we first moved in and I said Sweden, he replied NO, I already told everybody you are from Nueva York.... Still he doesn?t know where Sweden is, and he frankly doesn?t care. If we are not from Nueva York he doesn?t want to discuss that topic anymore!

Next house is the "Torre Alta House". We call it that because it is always perfect. The man and the woman are perfect, with a perfect son and a perfect daughter.. They are very nice. The son goes to university and the girl goes to school as well, to Santa Rosa. Perfect in the meaning, they are always very clean, hair is perfect, car is perfect etc... They have a full time maid, and every Monday she changes curtains in the kitchen.

The ladies on our street are next. In one house we have La Dona Loca.
It is an old, yet nice lady.. I don?t know what is wrong with her, but she goes all days long back and forth on our street with a can of milk...

The other house has 2 widows, they are old and very beautiful.
Always well dressed, special dress on Sundays and they sit in their rocking chairs on the patio. They came here from Puerto Rico 60 years ago.

The last woman is a university teacher. She is busy in many cultural events, in teaching of course, and in politics. She is an excellent organizer and always have a nice word to each and everyone passing.

The street itself is calm, almost no cars. The children on the street and the crossing Duarte usually play basketball here after school. Now its mango season and Leo shares his mango and a talk with the children.
He loves to walk my dog, and he takes her when we go away sometimes for a day or two.
Tourists pass our street in the mornings with the "blue-shirt" ?guides. They usually stop by my patio and offer the tourists to take a picture of my dog!
In the afternoon we have the "chulo-lady" passing... someone don?t want to do cooking might buy a few from her. She has them with cheese and meat..
and there is no use to chose, she has them mixed and doesn?t know which one contains what..
10 pesos each and still a little hot. She carries them in a big Tropical-Paint bucket.
My dog knows her voice, and rushes out to greet her every day - rain or shine- She knows she always gets a chulo from the lady!
The "Chulo-lady" has glittering, beautiful eyes, and always a smile that comes from the heart.. some teeth missing...and her hair is silver gray... On a sunny day her hair shines more bright than any of those bling-blings you can buy in the fashion shops today...

In the middle of this, is me and my family, completely accepted by our neigbours from day 1.
All of them are always caring and supportive, and we all get along very well. Everybody has a minute and a word ( or a plate of food or a Brugal ) to share.
This is part of why I love this country, and why it feels like home.

The fascination is constant, that one small street in the Caribbean pearl of Puerto Plata only, contains so many different people, some with money, some with none, some with jobs and some with none.. some lives in nice houses, and some houses are in need of some assistance (lol)... so many faces and destinies of different shapes and forms..and yet we all live side by side, always willing to share whatever can be shared.

This to me, is the spirit and soul of the Domincian Republic!
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Mar 4, 2004
Full marks to Tequila! Lovely story Carina. And loved your description of the neighbours........that has the makings of a novella. You could write it as seen through Tequila's eyes.......Queen for a day & food for a lifetime.
Dec 9, 2002
Fabulous story

Carina, that is such good story telling! I am sitting here at my desk at work, bored already [only been here 40 minutes :cross-eye ], and I just read your story with a big smile on my face - everyone near my desk wants to know what I'm reading! You have made it all so real, I can picture it all vividly. Fantastic!


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Jan 2, 2002
Living la vida buena

Nice story. Kind of like Wisteria Lane on Desperate Housewives, Dominican style. ;)


Jan 1, 2002
Great Story Carina!

To bad the Police did not arrive, justice would have been served, lately the Police are Judge, Jury and executioner.
End of story Perp. shot to death, What a shame!



Oct 4, 2003
really great story..having grown up in nyc..dalamations were the mascots of the new york city fire department..we as kids..called them "fire dogs"..they used to sit outside the firehouse and ride on the trucks as well. after the movie "101 dalmations" came out the dog became more popular..interesting fact about dalamations..about 12% of all dalamations born ..are born deaf. despite this..they say that they can be trained by hand and are great pets.


Jan 1, 2002
carina said:
In the afternoon we have the "chula-lady" passing... someone don?t want to do cooking might buy a few from her. She has with cheese and meat..
It took me a while to figure what you meant, but I think it is "chulo ", as in those deep fried yuca rolls. Oh, what I'd do for one now!

Anyways, that was very interesting. It is fascinating to see life through somebody else's eyes.


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Jan 10, 2002
Let me tell you about my neighborhood

Excellent post Carina.

You come across as the type of person that knows how to adjust and fit in. What you've described is more or less the DR that most of us want to be part of.

Sure wish I could be one of your neighbors.