Need Help!



Good Evening.

I would like to know where I can meet some mature women in SD that I can spend spend sometime with and show me around SD.

I have been to to Dr twice in the last two years. I have been on some of the tours, but I would like to get a taste of the REAL Dr.
I am a young married 55 year old university professor living in New York.
I am not interested in prostitutes.
My handicap is that I do not speak spanish.
I will be in DR for only 5 days. (1/2 - 1/7).
If you have any sugestions, please respond.

I hope no one is offended. That was not my intend.


Well, in order for you to get what you want you need to visit most of the Dancing clubs in Santo Domigo and try to become acquainted with the lady of your choice, your only problems are that you don't speack Spanish and you only have 5 days, good luck.

"The Tourist Watcher"


Too late for you. As a professor you should know you have to do your homework. Your language handicapped makes it difficult. At this stage you have to get lucky. After December 31 life gets back to normal here. Women are not out partying that much. Holiday money is gone. Try going to clubs. Check Jubilee at the Jaragua on Wednesday and Thursdays(ladies night).

You also need a nice budget. Some women can serve as escorts, but expecting compensation. You do not want a prostitute, yet you seem to be expecting mature activity. You have to be Brad Pitt to be so lucky.

I know lovely ladies that are not prostitutes, but do not speak English and will tour around, but it requires sound arrangements. Your time ran out. Good luck!