New Dominican Cuisine


Aug 11, 2006
Gastronomy circuit starts
A selection of Dominican restaurants has agreed to offer an excellent sampling of Dominican gastronomy on occasion of the celebration of the 2010 American Capital of Culture in Santo Domingo. The inspiration is that ?culture goes from mouth to mouth!? The idea is to highlight the roots of Dominican gastronomy, but at the same time innovate with new dishes, using Dominican elements. The plan is to create a New Dominican Cuisine by the end of this year of testing, by offering the clients to restaurant-goers in Santo Domingo.
The calendar for the event is?
August. Fusion cooking. Taste the foods from the roots of Dominican cooking, reinterpreted, mixed and transformed by other culinary traditions, given that we are living in a globalized and globalizing world.
September. Dominican tapas. Taking from the Andalucian and Spanish tradition, the small sizes are for tasting new delicious and creative delicacies.
October. Mixing sea and coconuts. Taste foods from the sea with a touch of coconut. Also selection of coconut desserts.
November. Tobacco and rum blend well together. Discover new and unexpected exquisite flavors.
Participating restaurants are: Vesuvio Malecon, Scherezade Restaurant, Samurai, Meson de la Cava, Marrana, Enzo, Cane, El Agave, Mitre, Atarazana, Bistro, Boga Boca, Buen Provecho, Hard Rock Caf?, La Briciola, Lincoln Road, Meson de Bari, Mijas, Neptuno?s, Olivo, Pat e Palo, Angelo, Boca Marina, Caffe Milano, Il Capuccino, Casa Mencia, Marocha, Museo del Jamon, Porter House, Vesuvio Tiradentes.
December. After five months of testing, the variety and creativity of Dominican cooking comes together with what will be known as the Neo-Dominican Cuisine.
The event is organized by the Dominican Association of Restaurants (Aderes).

At any of these restaurants, ask for the special fusion Dominican menu in August. Super prices from 200-400 pesos the dish.

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