New Power Plant Being Built: Manzanillo Power Land


May 19, 2013
Seems everyone not know or aware but DR is building a new powerplant near Pepillo Salcedo, DR, see IG post below:

The video show what the new plant would look like:

Short intro about this power plant:

MANZANILLO POWER LAND, a thermoelectric power plant owned by ENERGÍA 2000 S.R.L., has a production capacity of 414 MW and operates using natural gas with a combined cycle configuration SCC6-8000H, manufactured by Siemens-Energy. Power Land comprises a Gas Turbine Generator SGT6-8000H/SGen6-1000A with a capacity of 269.1 MW, along with a heat recovery and steam generation unit (HRS). Additionally, a Steam Turbine Generator SST6-3000/SGen6-100A which operates with a capacity of 144.9 MW as part of the combined cycle operation, effectively promoting the sustainable growth of the Dominican Republic through reliable energy.

Funny, I found the location on the map, it's right next to brand new Super 8 hotel:

Screenshot 2024-06-14 153413.jpg

To follow the progress and construction updates, follow them at:
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