*** New Real Estate Forum ***


Stay Frosty!
Jan 2, 1999
For the past 3 months we have been working with a group of realtors on the North Coast to develop the real estate section and change the way we handle real estate on DR1.

We now have 8-10 people that have been long term realtors in the DR working with us and coming under the umbrella of the "DR1 Property Center". They are based in Sosua, Cabarete, Santo Domingo, Santiago and Bavaro. More are in the works, just takes time to get people, offices etc rolling.

The first couple of names you will see answering questions will be Tay and Glenn. Tay has been selling real estate on the North Coast for 7 years and Glenn 12 years on the South Coast. They are both very knowledgeable about the real estate market in the DR and work with many well known local and international project developers, constructors, architects, lawyers and other professionals in the country.

Watch this space, the real estate section is about to undergo some major changes. Our goal is to make DR1 the #1 place to buy and sell real estate in the Dominican Republic.

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