No Response From Guzman Ariza Attorney

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Jun 16, 2014
So what exactly is your defense of what this firm about anyway? They NEVER responded to his calls and Emails. Never gave him a quote to pay. And you advocate doing business with them??????????????
You have a serious reading comprehension problem. Re-read my posts. NOWHERE in any of my posts did I defend this particular lawyer's failure to respond. The OP knows what I said is correct and stated that he did ask what the cost was going to be. I have no idea why the lawyer didn't reply(?).

I absolutely do recommend doing business with this firm. They have eight offices throughout the country with probably 20 or lawyers or more between all those offices. I have done business with Guzman Ariza for close to 10 years. They handled my initial condo purchase and residency here, and was our condo association lawyer when I was on the B.O.D. of our association. They handled many complex problems like adverse possession claim, 60 meter setback infringement, liens/foreclosures, bylaw challenges and modifications, and other legal issues.

For those on the north coast, Julio Brea is the lawyer I've dealt with in the Sosua office. He is one of the best, most professional, lawyers I've ever had the pleasure dealing with. Responses were always prompt and meetings were always on time. I very highly recommend him.

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Dec 10, 2021
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It's definitely not. I gotta cojelo suaaave, no Lean Six Sigma. Sounds like an interesting job, construction? During my stay I passed by the National Aquarium, it looked exactly how it looked when I went to Carol Morgan in the 80s.
Sounds like rabble rousing now. Is your tale a long one? This is starting to sound like a familiar one.


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Apr 24, 2019
Hahaha. So he is supposed to run over to their office and hand over money to the first person he sees after their arrogance in not returning his calls and Emails...................I dealt with a few lawyers myself here when I opened the Hard Rock Casino as GM. This firm would be fired so fast their head would be spinning......................
lol.. delusions of grandeur !! I love it


Jan 3, 2017
Thanks again to those that posted more than a twitter rant response on the attorney that went ghost. Special thanks to the 2 members providing extra insight value in the PM. Wow, didn't expect some members to get so emotional over a customer service inquiry because they didn't read well...
.. but it is HILARIOUS to see 😭 God bless the mods that have to deal with it. Ooomph

Can wrap this up, venturing into toxic territory.

Gameplan is all set!!!!


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Jan 9, 2009
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Guzman Ariza is a very reputable firm. Mr AE and I visited their Santo Domingo office on a real estate matter a few years ago. Very professional consultation, followed up within 24 hours by an email with the costs for their services.

Furthermore, DR1 has a policy of not permitting this type of thread without the poster publicly stating his full legal name and contact information. Name, address, phone number.

NachoBroadway, please do this now. Everyone else, no more posts until he does.

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Jan 1, 2002
Could you please e-mail me who was the lawyer that met with you in Santo Domingo and the date of the meeting. I'd appreciate it. My email address is I built Guzmán Ariza from a two-lawyer litigation boutique in San Francisco de Macorís into a 40+ lawyer all-purpose firm nationwide based on responding quickly to our clients' needs. If what you say is correct, this lawyer should and will be fired.
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