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Jan 9, 2009
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Article published today, computer translation: [photos and video on webpage, link at bottom]

Project Ocoa Bay, vineyards in the Caribbean?

It is the first residential vineyard in the Caribbean, Dominican Republic. Very near these plantations came the ships of a certain Christopher Columbus. A terroir that wants to impose among emerging.

The Caribbean is a geography that seems to have been the work of a flamboyant painter and overwhelmed by the imagination. It is now setting a new terroir in the wine world of the continent, thanks to the development of the project Ocoa Bay , with enology Chilean and Spanish.

The area in which the vineyards are located is located 90 kilometers from the city of Santo Domingo, between the cities of Azua and Ban?. There, a vineyard is imposed resort two million square meters. CNN issued a report in which it considered that there was potential to become the Napa Valley Caribbean. It sounds exaggerated, but it is the same to say from the Research Center of Viticulture and Enology of Galicia, in Spain.

All this dream came head architect Gabriel Acevedo , one of the three owners. Ensures that ?? agritourism is a project that has been processed through the One Stop Investment Center for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic (CEIRD) and tax permits the technical office of the National Council of Tourism Promotion (Confotur). Therefore, it has received follow - up for the Dominican wine is part of our national brand ?? , forward.

To spot the vineyards and development of hotels, tasting centers, restaurants and other necessary infrastructure already they invested 25 million dollars, from 2013 to date. However, in the master plan, which will be completed in 2023, investment amounted to 145 million others. Certainly it ranks among the most important business in the wine industry on the continent.

For this venture revolutionary features, Gabriel Acevedo was nominated for entrepreneurs last year in the Dominican Republic. The first tests and the process of research on the cultivation began in 2005. The response in Ocoa Bay offers excellent conditions for the activity.

Moscato have been adopted Hamburg, Tempranillo, Malvacia, Italy, French Colombard, Cabernet Sauvignon, Montepulciano varieties. And experimental prepare other beverages derived from grapes.

The wines produced vary from red to white, pink and clear, sparkling wines. The experimental vineyard of 12 hectares concentrated production of 15,000 bottles per vintage. Pruning occurs twice a year, why multiply arable land. The aim is to bring production to 60,000 bottles, including a foaming created based on mango and passion fruit.

All production is integrated into its own wine club, which already has thousand members. ?? We call on our elected officials. A very exclusive group of people who have supported us as part of the financial strategy and we have chosen to be part of Ocoa Bay. Therefore, we must make a wine tour, visit our restaurant or club membership to purchase wine ?? , explains Acevedo.

Acevedo with its partners and taste Ocoa Wines brand. Growth plans have been cared for in detail: ?? We produce foaming massively since we developed it largely with the handles that are not exported. While the white, red and rose wine we want it more exclusive. It is our vision, but everything depends on the growth of ?? vineyards , says the architect.

Ignoto in Argentina, there is already a list of gravitantes people in the industry, as Francis Ford Coppola, the billionaire British businessman Richard Branson, creator of the luminaries from the Louvre, Jean Philippe Corrigou, and the most influential critics of the Bank del Duero, have given me that satisfactory verdicts on these crops.

In entrepreneurship 20 people work under the supervision of the Chilean winemaker Felipe Zuniga. Instead, it is the Spanish Antonio Menendez who offers certification and trains Dominican workers in this exotic agricultural heading for the Caribbean.

Ocoa Bay includes the construction of a boutique hotel of 50 rooms which have called rustic-sophisticated, 500 meters above the sea level. ?? A hotel that will like backyard National Park Dry Forest and include a wellness spa and preventive medicine. But above all, a hotel experience where you can enjoy the evenings with own telescope ?? .

Anyone can access the three microclimates of Ocoa Bay. You may reach 1,400 meters high and 6 degrees Celsius, through coniferous landscape to finish on a beach. "This is unique on the island, if we consider that the transformation is done in 80 seconds ?? concludes Acevedo.


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Jan 16, 2009
As I reported earlier, my sources tell me that
when you buy a villa here you get a share of the grape harvest...
they harvest twice a year at this latitude.

That's a lot of wine......!!!


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