October Interviews - Immigration Canada

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Apr 26, 2009
I wrote to her many times the past 2 months and nothing happened.

She answered me coldly but no notices like yours. But she always used the general email to reply and never signed her name.

How do you know that it was her? I'm not 100% sure, but the other emails i received were more friendly, so i supposed its from another agent!!!!

My husband is going monday to SD to claim his visa and passeport.

What about you?


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Feb 3, 2008
She never signed her name but I just hit reply and it was her direct email address that the email had been sent from ... the email that came back was an auto-reply - not from her directly - it just was a notice saying not to contact an agent directly unless requested to. She gave no instructions in the email how to reply so I thought just replying to it would be fine....

We've had no other questions come via email so I wasn't really familiar with what email address to use.

my husband hasn't been told to come claim his passport just yet but in the email Sylvie indicated they were very close and we are in fact approved (nice to see it in writing) - they required an additional document that we dropped off thursday - so shouldn't be too long now. They told us at the interview 30-45 days - 30 days is November 7.... so fingers crossed!

just trying to get things to a point at work so I can go back to get him!

Best of luck with getting settled and enjoying life!
Not open for further replies.