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Jun 19, 2003
Since everybody here just loves to play name the amount at the grocery store... we are going to play another game... called name the amount for clothing... ;)

Yes Yes I am Crazy and there is a method to my madness. I am trying to see what the average is around the country for various clothing. You do not have to tick off your wardrobe, an example would be nice.

For example, one from my sister...

POP... No Name Jeans that ended up not fitting..... 335 pesos

something like that :)

(and no... I do not want to hear any smart ass comments about jazzcoms thongs or AZB's padded bras ... );)


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Jun 23, 2002
I have a favorite pair of RUPE jeans, purchased in Santo Domingo, for approximately $15 US (I converted it in my head at time of purchase and that's what I remember, sorry it is not in pesos.)

Of course the most ridiculous item I bought was a pretty black hair clip at Silverio Messon for 2 pesos...I mean, I know its just black plastic but that is still so cheap.


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Jun 19, 2003

Thank you Maine Girl... much appreciated. 2 pesos is ridiculously cheap... doesn't that work out to like 1 cent??? My sisters jeans we a no name brand... and at the exchange of 32 that equals out to about $10.50...

I am dying to hear about some of these prices around this country. I am wondering what the extreme is... highest vs. lowest


Jul 21, 2003
Sto Dgo Este
Hi GG, the question you ask is difficult to answer because prices are affect both by region and establishment patronized. In SD it gets even more complex. If you buy clothes in the center of the city it is usually more expensive than if you buy them in the more rural areas. I live in La Zona Oriental and prices for apparel are generally cheaper here ( I think :) )

If the item is purchase in a department store like La Sirena they will usually be less expensive than in the Boutiques. That said my wife bought a pair of no name jeans in a small mom and pop clothing store for RD$250 about 6 months ago. We then saw them in La Sirena for RD$300. I know it contradicts my previous comment but some things here in DR are like this therefore it is difficult to generalize.

Here is a list of a few clothing items my wife recently purchased and their prices.
  • Nice sexy Blouse RD$250 (wife said that the same blouse would have probably cost her in NYC Conway about $15)
  • Short skirt RD$300 (in a Boutique)
  • Long skirt RD$300 (I think in Plaza Central ? not sure)
  • Perry Ellis Short sleeve men shirt RD$950
  • Perry Ellis men black jeans RD$800 (La Serena)
  • Yves Saint Laurent men long sleeve dressy shirt RD$350 (on sale Plaza Lama ? not sure)
  • Land Rover men Sport shoes RD$1000
  • Nine West women shoes RD$500 (black on sale)
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Sep 2, 2002
Clothes in the U.S

Hello... Here is an example of how much things cost in the U.S. I live in Dallas, Tx.

Brand: Levi's - $42.00 USD
Luckey - $75.00 USD
No brand - $20.00 USD

Shirts: $10 - $40 USD

It all depends on where you buy it. Departments stores are always more expensive, but there are many discount store where you can find the same brand, but much cheaper.

We also have 2nd hand stores (used clothing) where clothes are much much cheaper and almost brand new. You can find lots of things there on a very small budget.

Hope this helps.