Paternity testing in Santo Domingo?


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Mar 24, 2014

I have a Dominican friend who has a child with his girlfriend. They live together as a married couple. He has doubts that he is the father of the baby and would like to take the baby to be tested to see if he is really the father. He does not want to tell the baby's mother that he is doing the testing as this obviously could become a big scene. He is a stand up guy and if he finds that the baby is his, he is going to stick with the girlfriend and baby.

I know this sounds like an episode from Maury Povich and yes, it really is a friend of mine, not me.

My questions are where in Santo Domingo can this testing be done? Address? Phone number?
How much does it cost?
Does the mother have to be present? Give her consent? or can he just take the baby to have the testing done?

Thank you in advance.


Feb 22, 2012
where does it have those statistics on the chances of it being his? Seems like a stunning assessment of Dominican fidelity.
Come on mountainannie, you know the 50% is applied to people who already have doubts and go get tested at the center.. So 50% of Dominicans who doubt they fathered a child are actually the father, I'd say that's high if anything.