Pizza Delivery-What The? Legal Business Taken Over By?...


Dec 15, 2003
For years I have ordered the great pizzas from Calla Pizza/KrunchKrustPizza, in Sosua, Cabarete, Puerto Plata..Same 'Business' owned by an incredible German man called (XXXXXXX.. and his hard working Dominican espousa called XXXXXX (Names removed by Ladybird- for their safety)

The staff within each branch, got to know me very well over the years,, so did the Moto Concho Drivers that delivered to me in every branch, wherever I was working... The pizzas were delivered.. VERY HOT, & excellent

For the past couple of months, every time I've called & tried to order a pizza, during the day or early evening,
the phone numbers I have called been answered by a male, that does not sound/nor speak Spanish/English very well,, especially in Sosua.
+ The cel tel nos I had for the Motor-Conchos, that the original German owner used to pay for, are NO LONGER IN SERVICE..

In Cabarete & Puerto Plata...ALL tel nos for the same businesses/Motor Conchos are now out of service..

An expression comes to mind...= WTF..

I would welcome your help & advice...especially those with experience in such matters...

& Thank you in advance..