plans for southwest & questions


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Nov 11, 2018
I am thinking about going to southwest from Santo Domingo. The main spot I am interested are Bahia de Aguilas and Lago Oviedo.

I know ecotour has expensive daytours but the price is fairly steep.
I read ATA excursiones has 2-day tour to the Bahia and it also includes Lago Enriquillo. But I could not find any rating of the agency. Does any of you know if it is good?

Also ATA's itinerary does not include Lago Oviedo. I am thinking about just getting off the bus when it pass Lago Oviedo on day 2, take a tour of the Lago in late afternoon(probably, not sure when the last tour is?) or the next morning for best viewing of birds, while staying nearby. Is any place nearby recommended for a night's stay? Lonely Planet mentioned Hotel Bego, not sure if it still opens...

Thank you so much!