Police/Record Check Legalization


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Feb 9, 2006
Hello everyone. If you're on Facebook you've probably seen this update about my situation but I wanted to get more clarification.

My case was coming to an end, and the embassy requested a new medical and police check from my husband. He did them both, at the offices they referred him to, and they have come back saying his police certificate is fraudulant.

Has this happened to anyone else? They took no issue with the first one we submitted, and we have no idea what is wrong. Could this be because it wasn't notarized? Perhaps they send a generic letter to anyone with this problem?

I found this on the Dr1 forum: Domincan civil documents used for visa purposes must be legalized at the Oficina Central del Estado Civil, the main civil registry office in Santo Domingo.

So he will be getting a new record check and taking it to this office for notarization/legalization before dropping it at the embassy. We are very upset, as other people who have obtained the certificate have not been called frauds, and they did not notarize either. We can't help but feel picked on due to the fact that we won our appeal and they don't want to let this case through no matter what. As far as we know nobody is notarizing this document since it's coming directly from the source, and is already a legal document because of this.

Anyone have any insight? Anyone else had problems with the police record check?

note - the check is clear, no crimes committed, etc. The issue is with the legitimacy of the document.

Thank you!