Power barge suspect to have contaminated Azua waters


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Feb 20, 2019

Dozens of fish were found dead this Saturday, 3 June 2023 on Los Negros beach, Azua province, residents in the area told Diario Libre. Residents suspect the deaths of the fish could be a result from contamination from the operation of the Turkish power barge, Karadeniz Powership. The company has said it will carry out an investigation.

Residents had opposed the installation of the barge. The government argued the country needed the 170 megawatts the power plant is injecting into the power grid.

Diario Libre reports the Academy of Sciences is asking for an investigation into what caused the death of the fish.

Diario Libre also reports on the strange appearance of suds, making several areas look like it had snowed. The Ministry of Environment reported that the suds resulted from the cutting of cactus to install a solar farm.

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