Premios Fundación Corripio 2024 (Corripio Foundation Awards 2024)


Economist by Profession
Jan 20, 2003
The Corripio Foundation Awards 2024 are open to participate. The requirements are the following:

I. Open to Dominican citizens and foreigners that have been living in the DR for at least 10 consecutive years.

Ii. The entry documents should be headed to the Corripio Foundation (Fundación Corripio) and include a resume in case of individuals or organizational references in case of an institution, accompanied by the necessary documentstion to certify the information for the candidacy.

Social and Legal Sciences - Open to anthropologists with more than 15 years experience of several investigations and publications of importance to the study of Dominican anthropology.​
Natural and Medical Sciences: Psychiatry - Open to psichiatrists with more than 15 years of investigation, study, diagnostic, and treatment regarding mental health.​
Art: Theatrical Management - Open to theatrical managers with more than 15 years with experience in Dominican theatrical performances with relevant works in international and Dominican dramaturgy.​
Communication: Cultural Journalism - Open to all with more than 15 years analyzing and promoting in the written press Dominican creations in music, theater, and dance.​
Corripio Alonso Family Awards - One award given at the discretion of the family.​

Each prize consist of a diploma, a trophy, and RD$1 million.


Fundación Corripio
Ave Núñez de Cáceres
Distribuidora Corripio, S.A.S.; Edif II
Santo Domingo

809-227-3000 Ext 1821

Deadline for inscription: August 30, 2024 until 5:00pm.

Verdict via the written press (Dominican newspapers): September 26, 2024

Awards Event: November 19, 2024 at 7:00 pm at the Teatro Nacional Eduardo Brito, Santo Domingo.