Pro Consumidor (Customer Protection)

You have used Pro Consumidor?

  • Yes and got the issue resolved.

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  • Yes, currently in the middle of a claim.

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  • Yes and I didn't get the issue resolved.

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  • No, never felt the need to use it.

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  • No, I don't trust government institutions.

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  • I had no idea that Pro Consumidor was a thing.

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Jan 20, 2003

Many DR1ers may not be familiar with Pro Consumidor, the Dominican government's customer protection and customer rights institution.


Bought something that turn out to be damaged?

What you bought is not what you bought?

These are the guys to make a claim (though I think it's only doable in Spanish).

How effective is the institution in customer protection? Well, they have...

They announced to the public that they have found stores with false Black Friday sales claims and/or advertisements (claiming things have a lower sale price when they don't). They also penalized the stores they caught doing this.

They forced the closure of the Agua Buenas Nuevas water bottling plant for not following sanitary guidelines.

The forced the removal of up to 1,000 toys on sales that could harm children.

Pro Consumidor has resolved customer issues to the tune that customers got returns of RD$400 million from the stores they bought.

How to denounce a scam or make a claim at Pro Consumidor.

Their website:

Has any DR1ers used Pro Consumidor? How was the experience?
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