Puerto Plata hospital reports 191 recover from the coronavirus


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Feb 20, 2019

The Ricardo Limardo University Teaching Hospital in Puerto Plata reports 191 patients have recovered from Covid-19 at the hospital. The hospital is the main public medical center for the province.

The hospital’s director, Dr. Edwin Lopez, explains the Limardo was one of the first government hospitals designated for treating patients with the coronavirus. He said a small, working committee was formed early in the process to supervise the 12 internal medicine specialists and seven specialists in intensive care at the hospital. Dr. López said the physicians at the hospital are seeing non-Covid-19 patients by appointment only.

The members of the working committee were Dr. Scarlet Cueto, Dr. Johnny Alejandro Hernandez, Dr. Fátima García and Dr. Yasseiry Peña. He said the hospital also has a team of psychologists and psychiatrists on hand for the continuing...
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Oct 17, 2015
Her a little bit more about the drug they use and maybe works...
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