Recent trip experiences: Renewing Residencia, Drivers License, Revista


Mar 19, 2002
Hi all,

I just came back from my last trip to the DR, the first one after 1.5 years (I used to be there three times a year).

I would like to let you know about some experiences I made this time:

Renewing the Residencia Permanente (Santo Domingo):
You can go to the website of DGM (Migrcion) and download the form which is needed to apply: "Solicitud de Renovacion de Permiso Residencia". This is good for training but doesn't help you there, because anyway you have to buy the same form with serial number for 100 RD$ (counter 3 on the left side).
At least they have the new prices on their website:
Deposito de Expediente RD $2,500.00
Los atrasos (por cada mes de vencimiento) RD $250.00
VIP para Residentes RD $2,000.00
That means: 2500 RD$ to renew, 2000 RD$ if you want it the same day and 250 RD$ for every month being late. I was three (and a half) months late, so the bill came up to 5250 RD$.
As far as I remember these rates have been much lower just a short time ago.
After filling out the form you take it with your old residencia to counter 5 on the right side. They take it and ask you to wait. It took about 30 minutes until they called my name (among others) and asked me to go to counter 3 on the left side, where the above mentioned amount had to be paid. They then ask you to wait again for the photo. This took about another 45 minutes (however, it looked like there is an express lane if you have good connections). The guy took the picture and then found out, that he couldn't save it. No problemo - he used the old picture again. It took another 30 minutes until I could leave with my new residencia, valid for two years. Altogether it took about 2 hours, but I arrived there prior 9 am and it was more crowded later.

Drivers license (Puerto Plata):
Renewing your drivers license is very easy. First you go to Banco der Reservas and pay about RD$ 500 (don't remember the exact amount). With the receipt you go to the office near the stadium in Puerto Plata. Check in with the lady, let her take your finger print, go to the Doctor for the sight test (no big challenge if you know the letters in spanish).
Then you wait for the photo, where you also give your electronic signature and they check your finger print again. Took less than 45 minutes.

Revista (what is the name in english: Roadworthiness certificate?):
I have two vehicles, which are old but in quite a good shape. To get a new revista you also have to pay the taxes at Banco de Reservas (less than RD$ 100), then you need the matricula and the car insurance.
Well... We where on the way to Ocean World in a taxi and I had nothing but the two tax-receipts. My taxi driver told me that it would be no problem, with 300 RD$ he should be able to get the revistas - and he was.

Maybe I could help anybody with this, more will follow in the travel-section within the next days.


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Feb 28, 2006
Punta Cana/DR
right on all points.
my own residency expires today,
so i will send it on monday to my lady lawyer friend in st dgo,
will cost me 5000 pesos deposited on her bank account at banco popular (afterwards, she never asks me for the money ahead for her jobs to do for me, we know each otheres since i stranded on the Isle 14 years ago), like always i will have my renovated residency in hands on wednesday or thursday the same week. they always use my old picture for that.
drivers license,
don't know, mine is still valid, but today most or maybe even all taxes/impuestos can be paid on banco de reservas, that stuff is really hassle free, no big deal.
for the 'revistas',
i do it always the way you described it,
45 pesos per vehicle as tax paid on baco de reservas,
then i buy for i think last year been 200 pesos the sticker from the guys at the gas station, put it on the windshield, and all is done.
the receive for the 45 pesos tax payment i always keep with the car papers/insurance card aso in the car, til today i never got asked about that one.
when did you get the revista sticker???
i did not know that the new ones are out there?, they usually come out in spring.
maybe yopu bought the old ones for the actual year because you mentioned you've not been here 1 1/2 years, so your old ones been outdated.


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Jul 11, 2008
And what is the procedure of obtaining a DR driving license based on one I already have from my home country?