Reconstruction of Bahoruco Beach Resort in Barahona brings both joy and controversy


May 7, 2002
As you may know, the abandoned Bahoruco Beach Resort was purchased by a private consortium owned by our Minister of Public Works Gonzalo Castillo and rumour has it that Felix Bautista is also an investor. This company, called La Perla del Sur Construction Company, is building a luxury resort where the old hotel used to be, in Bahoruco, Barahona, this new resort will be called Proyecto Turístico La Perla del Sur . Overall the construction of this resort is good news to all, it will bring new life to the area, many benefits including better roads, job opportunities, farmers and fishermen can sell their products to the hotel, influx of tourists and visitors who will visit local stores and gift shops looking for larimar and other goods and services, it will definitely mean that the so called tourist boom may finally arrive in the far west...

All this is good news right, so what is the controversy?

Well, two things are putting a damper on the people of Bahoruco and Cienaga, one is the construction of a cement factory smack in the middle of Bahoruco, they will produce cement and reinforced concrete (concreto armado) to use in the construction of the villas and the resort, the people of Bahoruco are very upset because of the consecuences this will have on their health.

The other one is that they are building a wall which will basically block the beautiful view of the beach and malecon of Cienaga. The people are getting upset because it seems (or so they say) that the síndicos have been paid off and won't say or do anything about it...