Redneck in hell


On Vacation....
Nov 16, 2003
Rednecks, Billy Bob and Billy Ray, were good buddies who spent a lot of time together. Billy Bob was the party animal while Billy Ray was the God fearing, church going one. Well they both passed away and Billy Bob ended up in hell while Billy Ray ascended to heaven.

One day as Billy Ray looked down in hell, he was absolutely surprised to see his redneck buddy Billy Bob still partying and having a grand ol' time with tons of chicks, viagra, Jack Daniels, Bud, and tons of ganga. So he called out to his ol' buddy and said, "Billy Bob, you're still having a good ol' time and I'm stuck in heaven with God, Angels, peace, and harp playing all day. What punishment did you endure for your wicked ways on earth?". Billy Bob replied, "In hell the chicks have NO HOLES!!!!!".
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