Redoing Ave. Pedro A Rivera in La Vega


Economist by Profession
Jan 20, 2003
Interesting images of the redoing of avenida Pedro A Rivera, which is the first north-south avenue of La Vega when you get off the autopista Duarte. Although Sanny complaints of what appears is a decrease of the width, it's better to emit an opinion of something once it's done. I have been on that toad many times, driving and someone else driving. It wasn't a few times when speeding was an issue there. Reducing the width for traffic will force you to slow down.

It looks it will be very nice once finished. They already installed many, if not all, the street lights with a unique design at least in the DR. Those types of light fixtures only existed on the rosd that passes under the Ponton bridge that collapsed and was rebuilt. The height of the new median would also ensure that vehicles and motorcycles will nit cut through.

They also placed many the royal palm trees ihe median, which wasn't there before as the center was a double yellow line. Usually when they start to place the trees, they are nearing the end of the construction and its inauguration.






The recent video also has images of the La Vega - Jarabacoa highway which appears to me not much has changed since they started the widening from two lznes to four (one in each direction to two), the public market which is still under construction since the originsl one burn to the ground, area views of La Vega.