Renting an apartment in Punta Cana / Bavaro


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Jul 20, 2007
Hi there. I am a new member to DR1, currently living in the UK but moving out to the DR in the next 2-3 months. Firstly, like many others, I?d like to say a massive thank you to DR1 and all you forum members ? the site is hugely helpful and massively appreciated! Keep up the good work!

I do still have a few questions though and I have posted a few different messages across the forum ? I hope you guys don?t mind and I really hope that you can help me out. I have spent many hours reading through the whole site and message boards thoroughly - and used the search button! - in the hope that I don?t waste anyone?s time or ask the same questions yet again!?

I am looking to rent an apartment in the Punta Cana / Bavaro area. I will be living on my own. Ideally, it would be 2 bedrooms but a 1 bedroom apartment with all of the required facilities would definitely be considered. If possible, I would be looking for the following features and facilities:

- Fully furnished
- All appliances (washing machine, refrigerator, oven etc)
- Air conditioning (good quality!)
- Fast internet
- Telephone
- Cable TV
- Shower (and bath, if possible)
- Burglar alarm
- Inverter / Generator
- Safety deposit box
- Parking
- Secure & safe complex / neighbourhood

(And a small (shared) pool would be a bonus!)

- Do properties and developments such as this exist in the Punta Cana / Bavaro area?

- Can anyone recommend any rental agents, property developments, websites or resources that I could contact to enquire about suitable properties in this area?

- If so, what is a realistic price per month (including all maintenance charges etc)?

- I have read elsewhere on the DR1 forum that up to 6 months rent in advance is sometimes expected but it also says that you shouldn?t pay more than 2 months in advance (1 months rent in advance plus 1 months rent as a bond / deposit). What exactly is the normal amount expected in advance?

- Is a ?fiador? guarantor usually required? If they are not required, is it beneficial to have one anyway? (for example, to reduce the amount of money required in advance).

- Is it advisable and normal practice to pay a lawyer to review the rental contract etc?

- What is the usual notice period in a rental contract if you wish to leave the property?

- Aside from the first months rent and a deposit / bond, do you does the tenant usually have a to the agent a commission fee or does the landlord pay that?

Many thanks.


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Jul 18, 2007
I can help you...I have an apartment in Pueblo Bavaro

I'll send you a PM with the information you need...



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Jul 18, 2007
I Just Sent It...

Geniba...would you mind PMing me hte info also...I'll be moving down to PC in the next 3 months....Thanks!
Hi...just did....If you need any information (regarding the apartment or in general about the country) please feel free to contact me....:squareeye

I live in Santo Domingo, was born here from spanish parents..



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Sep 6, 2007
Pueblo Bavaro

Hi guys,

I'm fairly new to DR1. I am heading down to Bavaro next weekend to stay at a resort and then move directly into an apartment. I have made arrangements to see Pueblo Bavaro. Geniba, as you already live there, how is it?
From what I've been told it's an ideal complex for expats. Ar ehtere tennis courts? Also please could you give me a few details of rent amounts, etra costs,etc.

Thank you so much,