San Pedro de Macorís Crime and Traffic


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Aug 21, 2010
SPM, pasteles amables & Iberia during the day is a safe area. You can park in Iberia, walk 1 small street up and cross the park to pasteles amables many people around during the day, if you do not flash you will not have trouble.

Driving in SPM is alot better than Santo Domingo & La Romana no traffic jams, you just have to be careful with the motos coming from all directions. (like ever where else in the country). Defensive driving is the solution.

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Jul 24, 2022
Good morning everyone,
I will be traveling to the DR next week and will stay in an apartment close to SPM. My question is should I get groceries in Jumbo or Iberia in SPM or should go to the same stores in La Romana. How is the traffic and crime in this 2 towns? I went to SPM once and traffic was horrible and lots of hustlers on the street when they realize you are not from town. I have never been to La Romana which is my other choice to go get groceries. Please advice asap. Thank you very much for all you do. 😊
I go to the Jumbo in SPM on occasion from Boca Chica to go to Banco Santa Cruz and the Jumbo has many grocery items I can't get at the Ole in 'BC', but SPM is moto/pasola hell


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Oct 10, 2002
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I'm surprised there's still no proper supermarket in Juan Dolio. I usually get what I need in La Brisa but it's not a supermarket.
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