Sand storm coming !


Jan 8, 2002
No drama !

It's a yearly event and nothing to be concerned about. Why all the drama????

PJT agrees.

This happens all the time. The dust levels vary, DR is always on the lowest levels, nothing to be overly concerned about. Enjoy the glowing sunrises and sunsets.

If aircraft are warned away from the Caribbean airspace because of Sahara dust, then there is a concern. Never has happened.

There is a website to monitor the passing of the dust It provides the best information.




Oct 6, 2009
Drama and fear mongering....seems to be a trend on DR1 and Facebook. Now back to the sunshine!!!!


Jan 20, 2013
These are some recommendations for the arrival of Sahara dust on Tuesday to the DR.
Air quality in the country will be severely affected from Tuesday to the weekend by dust particles from Africa.
Pneumologists explain that the Sahara dust carries bacteria and spores, which can cause health problems, especially in people who suffer from allergies, are asthmatic or have some immunodeficiency.
The main recommendation is to use a mask or a wet cloth on the nose, in order to protect the respiratory tract.
Older children and adults are often the most susceptible to respiratory conditions, so they should not be exposed to overcrowded areas.
The eyes and skin may also be affected with conjunctivitis or contact dermatitis, respectively.
It is always advisable to consult with your doctor for any allergy you need.
During the period of dust particles in RD it is advisable not to be exposed for a long time in the open air, in addition to ingesting a lot of liquid because of the increase of the heat that will generate this phenomenon.
The best way to know that there is dust from the Sahara in the country is looking at the sky: if it is blue there is no dust, but if it is opaque, foggy or grayish, it is a sign of its presence.
How can Sahara dust come to the Caribbean?
The mechanism that causes the transport of this dust from the African continent is the effect of the strong wind that blows for several hours on the desert, generating sand storms that arrive until the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. The smallest particles of dust and sand rise and are sometimes transported by trade winds to the Caribbean.

If its that bad for us here in the caribbean, then how the hell places like Dakar, Mali and Sudan are even considered inhabitable?? You know, because those places are exactly inside the Saharan desert, where that dust comes from!!
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Jan 20, 2013
Wasn't this supposed to start yesterday?   Anyone seeing more dust?  I honestly can't tel., although we have a rather strange looking sky today.

The dust itself is not exactly visible to the eye, unless you look at the sky... The sky looks yellowish and foggy, while everything else looks like an instagram filter. It is very visible right now in Santo Domingo.