SDQ Expansion


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Jan 20, 2003
Yesterday, President Luis Abinader gave a speech about the result of the renegotiation with Vinci Airports regarding the contract it has with the Dominican government. Currently, Vinci Airports has the control of AERODOM (the government is the owner of all the airports in AERODOM.) Among the many things he said includes:

- The Dominican government is now going to get upwards of around US$2 billion whereas before it was getting the grand total of US$0. Basically, for the time Vinci has been managing the Dominican government owned airports, they kept 100% of the profits.

- New upgrades will be made at Las Americas International Airport (SDQ) that are meant to further modernize the current terminal(s) and make more effecient for passengers to use.

- The biggest revelation was that a new terminal will be built at SDQ. It's currently in the design stages. Construction will begin in 2025, it's projected to cost US$250 million and it will increase SDQ's passenger capacity to an additional 4 million. No more details about this were given. It should be interesting to see what the renders will be for this terminal.


Oct 29, 2010
I suppose that will all mean that AERODOM will push the costs on to airlines, and flight tickets will become even more expensive.