Searching for cockjtail glasses for a new bar


New member
Aug 31, 2005
Hi. I need to find a shop, probably in Santo Domingo, where I can choose from a GOOD RANGE of glasses suitable for a tourist-standard bar. I need access mainly to glasses suited to serving cocktails but beer and spirit glasses are also needed (in addition to any that Presidente might eventually give me).

Ideally the glasses will be cheap (suited to a business, not for a home) but they need to be strong, not expensive fine crystal. They need to be of plain clear glass, not coloured.

If the same location has other bar equipment, great. If not, suggestions for good bar equipment shops are also welcome.

Please, no suggestions about where they MIGHT sell these things. I live in Constanza and wasted a whole day in Santo Domingo going to places people (Dominicanos) recommended and found absolutely nothing!!!

I know very little about negotiating Santo Domingo so street addresses or telephone numbers will do but it?s helpful if you can add the name of a nearby landmark that people with me might know!

Thanks for any help with this.