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Dec 26, 2003
Basic guidelines for the Spanish forum

In many instances in language there can be more than one correct response to a grammatical question or explanation of a phrase, idiom, expression etc especially since Spanish is the official language of twenty-one countries and spoken widely in many others. There are definitely acceptable standards or universal grammatical patterns, vocabulary, expressions, etc and regional variations.

If you disagree with a poster's response please do so in a respectable way. Unacceptable responses such as insults or demeaning a poster will not be tolerated.

- All links, pictures, etc must be appropriate and pertinent to to theme of thread or they will be removed.

-Unnecessary smilies, cartoon animations and like symbols will be removed.

-Oversized pictures that distort the thread and make it difficult to scroll through and read will be deleted.

-Errors- grammatical, syntax, vocabulary, etc. If you choose to correct a poster's errors, it is suggested that you have an explanation at hand if necessary. If you correct a poster and your answer is incorrect be prepared for the responses that may follow (all must be in a respectful way).

-Off topic threads and posts will be deleted.

- Personal attacks, insults, derogatory remarks or like comments from any poster will not be tolerated. Posts will be deleted and further action may result in accordance with the DR1 posting rules.

-The rules may be changed or modified accordingly.

- All other DR1 rules of conduct apply.

Let's continue to make this forum a resourceful medium to exchange knowledge and discussion points about Spanish.

Not open for further replies.