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May 5, 2007

When my Sister in Law moved to New Mexico, she knelt on a Brown Recluse (Kept the corpse for ID) and never felt any pain. As each day passed more and more swelling, tissue death, a real mess. I think they treated with AB's and Silverdyne to promote skin re growth

She still has a dime sized scar on her knee 4 years later

Here is a good site about spiders and their bites. Warning graphic pictures- especially under brown reclusive bite.

Staph Infection


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Mar 16, 2008
I just killed one of those Cane Spiders right now. You spray this thing and it comes at me instead of running away. Then I lost him somehow, sitting on the couch 15 min later he comes out from under the couch and is coming for my foot. Lucky i wear flip flops inside and I stomped him. Poisonous or not they are not welcome inside my house.


Aug 22, 2008
....but dont they eat other bugs.

This is why spiders are so cool - normally.

I got bitten last year and there were all sorts of painful and expensive repercussions.
I have the photos but they are too nasty to post - much worse than those little staph infections on the link from a previous post on this thread.

The spider was not venomous but the incident was still scary and apparently dangerous.


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Apr 3, 2009
Santiago DR
So, not knowing anything about this harmeless creature, you decided to kill it.
Way to go.. Moron..

Zeus (mad as hell):ninja:

If I find anything strange, different, or unwanted in my vehicle, including you......toast
It seems like everyone isn't as bright and learned as you.
How many people here have studied Entomology? OR, have you ever heard of Arachnophobia...Read a book and give me a break...


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Aug 24, 2011
Shared Bedroom with Said Spiders

Sure.. Kill them all in the DR where there's no law to protect our fauna
There're no dangerous spiders in the DR. But then, again you have to pick a
book and read about it. This may be a difficult task for some of you.

I was curious as to whether or not you have ever lived in the DR (I'm not being rude, just honestly curious).

I use to live in the Dominican Republic at an all-year-around boarding school about 5 min up the mountain from Jarabacoa during my high school education. My dorm was nothing more then a small bungalow that housed 12 American girls and 3 staff members. 12 girls sharing a single bedroom w/6 bunk beds, 2 showers, 2 toilets and 3 sinks. Our clothes and personal items were kept in open shelves for all to see.

These spiders infested our entire bungalow and the outside grounds, and they were poisonous. Not so much to kill but enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. One girl was even stung by a scorpion once. The staff told us to simply leave them be and we would be fine, so we did. Often we would merely swipe them off the wall/ceiling with a broom and sweep them outside, but there were times when we had to resort to killing them, such as when they are in toilets (one actually fell in and was refusing to budge from its perch along the inside of the bowl so we had to flush it), when they lay a nest inside the house (unfortunately we can't move the nest outside or it would break and shower babies all over the house), and, as stated by others, in a vehicle.

Before you get upset, please understand our situation. Just as others have said, a spider that size poses a possible danger to both the passengers and civilians when a vehicle is in motion, especially when it is a venoumous spider such as these. Now we could simply try to catch it and release it, but there are far too many places for it to hide on a vehicle and too little time to search for it. The staff are not allowed to drive the vehicles so we are assigned Dominican drivers (don't ask why, because I don't know :confused:), but no driver would get in the bus until they were sure that it was dead.

Sometimes it is necessary to kill. Killing any living creature just for the heck of it is cruel and unusual, but there are times when it must be done. That is a part of life. Even the Dominicans will kill these spiders because there are so many of them on the island. The number of eggs in a single sac is almost over 300, and many people do not wish to have that many tiny spiders in their home.

I love spiders. I think that they are beautiful creatures that help our planet in unappreciated ways. I personally cannot kill a spider unless it startles me and I kill it out of a gut reaction, and even then I feel slightly guilty:(. Personally, I admire your dedication towards the protection and well-being of our planet's natural wildlife. Heaven knows we need to worry more about the well-being of our planet instead of where to build our fourth Walgreens or McDonalds. I'm from Montana and have witnessed numerous amounts of forests being torn down just to build new, custom-made homes.

Our planet is sacred and we must take care of it just as we take care of ourselves. Self preservation is quite possibly the most basic instinct in any species, both human and spider. I believe that is a main reason that humans kill spiders. They see them as a possible threat to their well-being and wish to eliminate said threat for their own safety. That is why I kill spiders out of gut reactions. I don't realize what it is, only that it is foreign to my current state of mind.

Please remember that ~~anna~~ admitted that she no idea what kind of spider it was. Her and her family decided to play it safe and assumed that it was a dangerous spider so to prevent a trip to the hospital. You can't just sweep it out with a broom in that confined of a space and to simply reach in to drag it out, even with gloves, is a dangerous act. Perhaps if it was in a larger area or if she knew what kind of spider it was then she would not have killed it. She even admitted that she would have left it alone had it been on the outside of her vehicle.

I'm sorry for rambling, but I simply wanted to share my take on the matter as a former citizen of the Dominican Republic.