Strength for The Journey: Birthday Celebration in The Campo

Aug 21, 2007
Yesterday, the teachers at Strength for the Journey traveled to Arroyo Frio, a small campo high in the mountains of Jamao, to help a woman in that community celebrate her birthday. This family lives far off the main road. If you wanted to visit them, either you need a 4 wheel drive vehicle or you go on foot (or burro!) Until last summer, when we installed a water line in the community, residents needed to walk as much as 2 kilometers each day, back and forth, fetching buckets of water to cook, clean, wash, and eat.

There were 5 generations of the family present for the celebration. (See the photo of the females from each generation.)

They cooked all day long on fogons, making pork guisado, moro, and eggs for the Russian salad. The meal was a work of art, and the food delicious. As soon as the meal ended, the family members began chopping up all sorts of fruit to make a big bucket of fruit punch. Someone produced a big bottle of rum. I assume for the fruit punch. It was first passed around and people took swigs, until one person commented that it is best to wait until the children are not around.

Although we were there all day, they still had not cut the cakes when evening began approaching, so we took our leave. Maybe the cakes were for after the rum!

I have lived in this country for 15 years now. We teach in Arroyo Frio twice a week. I have been to other festivities there. But, never have I had an experience such as this.

That is Strength for the Journey!

If you want to take part in some of our festivities in the campos or visit the sites where we teach, please contact me. We love others to see what we do!

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Thank you for being part of our Strength for the Journey.

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