Sunsets/Sunrises/Moon information


Feb 24, 2002
I'm not looking to howl at the moon - not yet anyway - but I would love for someone to give me some good leads on a good spot to photograph the (full) moonrise on the 27th/28th.

All recommendations are welcome, but for this month I'm interested in something relatively close to Santo Domingo (within an hour).

I think the Colonial area would be great as the foreground, but I'm also interested in something on the beach so I can...

1 - make a day of it and
2 - make a night of it and
3 - add some of the beachlife (coconut/palm trees, boats, etc.) in the foreground.

I'll even offer up a nice print for the best spot.

Also, while I have your attention, any surfing information (where, directions, surflinks) would be grand.