The future of Sosua


Oct 15, 2015
I support self isolation upon returning to Canada. Get a test at the airport and go home. If the test comes back positive Public Health will tell you what to do. As of now, it's a quarantine with real teeth not a suggestion. Fines, jail time and the police stopping by to make sure you are where you are supposed to be. People who aren't sick need to be able to move about to get food and other things they need especially after returning from being away. No employer is going to authorize an extra two weeks off work because an employee wants to take a trip.
Smart! If only the USA had done that from the new year onward, this would be under control with limited economic damage.

I'm already here, but I have two more reservations to get here as I was hoping that one wouldn't get canceled. American said the flight was full so I can change my reservation. I guess I'll kick it out as far as I can perhaps I'll need to make a short trip back to the states.

Lobo Tropical

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Aug 21, 2010
Actually as of the other day ,, in some places ( to not go off topic) , you do not even have THAT right any more.
You MUST Wear a mask even in PUBLIC in the Open....

So thank you for proving what a slippery slope this is ..

and I agree with the sign you posted ...but its no longer reality ..
and getting worse
meanwhile the #s are getting BETTER .. just that many more people are being tested ,, so the total #s are getting higher ,
the percentages are dropping however . to the point where its no longer even a Pandemic..
they are lying to you.
The future of Sosua does depend on sustainable tourism.

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10 de julio 2020, actualizado a las 02:04 p.m.

Colegio Médico pide a Danilo Medina tomar medidas urgentes para evitar el colapso sanitario
Dice que la economía no puede estar por encima de la vida de ningún dominicano

Coronavirus alcanza 41,915 personas en RD; 1,125 en un día
Las muestras procesadas es de 182,267 en total, para este boletín 3,425 tomadas este jueves.

  • Ministerio de Salud Pública durante intervención en Los Guaricanos, en Santo Domingo Norte/

Santo Domingo, RD

41,915 personas han dado positivo al Covid-19 en República Dominicana, 1,125 fueron diagnosticados en las últimas horas, de acuerdo con el boletín 113.
Las muestras procesadas es de 182,267 en total, para este boletín 3,425 tomadas este jueves.
El ministro de Salud Pública, Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, indicó que los muertos son 864, con veinte en un día, cifra récord en los últimos 113 días.

República Dominicana registra cifra récord de muertes por coronavirus con 22 en un día
Las defunciones se elevaron a 864
República Dominicana registra cifra récord de muertes por coronavirus con 22 en un día

Este viernes se reportaron 22 muertes más por coronavirus para un acumulado de 864, con un record de defunciones superior a las registradas en los 113 boletines especiales que ofrece el ministerio de Salud Pública sobre la pandemia.
En el boletín #113 dado por el ministro de Salud Pública, Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, indica que la ocupación hospitalaria es de 1,135, equivalente a 74% de las
camas monitoreadas en el sistema.

Suben a 1,135 personas hospitalizadas por covid-19, "cosecha de actividades electorales"
Sigue la saturación de los hospitales
  • Suben a 1,135 personas hospitalizadas por covid-19, cosecha de actividades electorales

Santo Domingo RD

El despliegue masivo de personas está causando efecto a nivel sanitario, por lo que ha aumentado a 1,135 el número de personas hospitalizadas por coronavirus, para un 74% de las camas monitoreadas en el sistema en ocupación. En Unidades de Cuidados Intensivos hay 226 pacientes y de estos 117 están con ventilación asistida.
En Santo Domingo hay 400 pacientes hospitalizados, de los que 104 están en UCI y 68 con ventilación.
El ministro de Salud Pública al ofrecer el boletín #113 dijo que hay que retornar a las acciones y reforzar el proceso de distanciamiento físico.


DR Solar

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Nov 21, 2016
We have a small commercial rental that we forgave the rent on for 3 months. The renter, business owner called yesterday saying that she has this months rent. She had to find us since we use an agent that is MIA and was worried. GOOD tenets are hard to find... she's a keeper.


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Apr 5, 2020
Of course. Looking at a menu on my home computer would be exactly what I would do, given that it would be my only option in this case.

My wife and I laughed out loud at the chicas/meals/ Western Union joke.
Just that my experience with establishments keeping their online info updated and accurate has been less than stellar a lot of the time and it's often not easy or straight forward finding the info you are looking for. Website design and functionality in the DR leaves a lot to be desired.
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David B

Aug 31, 2017
Speaking of Sosúa, can anyone tell me what the Plaza Europa is like and if they would recommend it? Thinking of staying there a couple of weeks in August.
Feb 23, 2020
I passed Kings/Rumba yesterday afternoon and was surprised to see about 40 clients sitting and enjoying drinks or food. I also passed the Chinese restaurant on Camino Llibre between highway 5 and Pedro Clisante. The Chinese Restaurant is gone, space is empty, and a for rent sign on the door.