The worse scenario: We could have 7,000 deaths from Covid-19 in the DR


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Feb 20, 2019

Oxford University-trained neurosurgeon Dr. Jose Joaquin Puello has good news and bad news for the Dominican Republic. The good news is that a vaccine is being tested. The bad news: If the DR does not buckle down again and take Covid-19 very seriously, a worse scenario shows the country could suffer from 7,000 deaths according to the model drawn up by the John Hopkins University in the USA. The model says the number of cases could triple.

The pace of the disease’s spread has picked up, with perspectives of many more cases if the country and its population do not take drastic measures to revert the disease, says the physician. He warned that the popular grocery stores-bars “colmadones” are the ideal places for people to become infected and urged the government to reinstate the 6pm curfew. He is also against in-person teaching at schools come August.

“This is not the time to...
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