Transit " accident"


Campesino !! :)
Jan 12, 2013
While driving in santiago the other day, i was changing lane and the jeep behind me hit me ( well i sort of drifted over------ using my signals---- in start and stop traffic).
Anyhow she ----- it was a female driver----- sort of slipped off my back bumper metal bar thingy protector and left green paint on my rear left " wing". I stopped a bit further along ( the traffic was horrendous, the lights far ahead had turned green, so everything moved along a dozen meters or so ) and got out...... trying not to swear to hard ;).

A motorbike had also stopped between her and me, and here is why i posted. The motorbike guy said something like " jefe, choquaste "...... i sort of went " si" and ignored the guy ( like mind your own buisness, right ?)
The occupants of the other car didn't get out so i worked my way over----- mainly to assess the damage on my pick up----- and the guy came between me and the other jeep. The guy asked me, politely, if i was all in order ( DL, matricula, marbete, seguro ).
Like " huhh?". I did notice he had a talkie-walkie but didn't think anything of it until my wife told me he was a plain clothes cop.
So I answered " claro k si ".
He then walks over to the other jeep, talks a bit, and comes back and says she is fine just leaving things as they are, am I ?
Well I wasn't, but my wife pointed out ( in french....crafty ;) ) that #1 she probably did not have all her paper work, and #2 it would take all day.
As the outcome was far from sure------ i think she was at fault, but since i was changing lanes------ and i didn't feel like hanging around all day...... oh and also i already had a bump in the same place that needed taking care of, i said OK lets leave it at that.
Did i mention that she had much more damage than me ? Plastic new SUVs vs aftermarket steel bars don't fare very well it seems.

The crazy part for me is that there is actually cops riding around for exactly those situations, ie an accident when one of the protagonist takes off.
Mind bluffing when you see the chaos on the roads here...... an organised chaos it would seem ;)


Apr 1, 2014
Yes, no doubt, with it being this close to Christmas
everyone is an opportunist and these scumbags running
round calling themselves "police" are the absolute
worst. I've been hit up by these bums 3 times in the last week here
in Santiago for money and I've no interest in becoming
someone's personal ATM machine for the holidays.