Trip on Ferries del Caribe


Jul 4, 2012
My wife, who is Dominican, was extremely un-impressed with Puerto Rico. As was I. No reason to ever go back there.

Dont get over excited about taking the so called FERRY. My expierence as follows.

Took ferry to go to V.A. Hospital in porto Rico. [First mistakes ferry and Hospital] Arrive at Ferry terminal . No signs just get in line Only line no one knows what is going on. On woman going back and fourth keeping all in line. Get to counter hand passport it is approved with just a glance. procede to baggage check, all goes well. Procede i guess in direction of Migration no knows whare just follow outhers. Notice counter on left with man eating sandwich ask him what are all the forms he has on table. he says garrbelled mouth full. you need one to leave . I fill it out there. Standard D.R. coustoms form [Same one for last 40 years ] No procede behind outhers who seem to already have the form. Arrive at coustoms line proximo go to first window get sent to last window as as have u.S. Pasport. They look at p.P. send me back to first window. Now i give P.P. as requested and then my D.R. Residency. This confuses them as they dont seem to know what to do. They have group meeting looking at me as if i was fro mars. Decide waht to do and charge me $ 25 U.S. and stamp my passport. And say go to bord. Their is only me now all outher passengers have borded. I am confronted with about 2 blocks of roped off entrance so head to go under rope. Told no i must pass the whole winding pathway. Ok now at side entrance of building. Told to walk to bording ramp. [Whole length of ship to get there]. Labor up steps with bag. Enter ship. Man taks my bag throws it on escallater gives me ship pass. I follow bag to top floor. What next go to counter and get key to room. Am shown to room nice guy smiles a lot. Give him tip. Go in room it is freezer cold so ask smilly if it can be turned down. He says no way. So say good buy to him and just sit and wait it's about 7 pm now and all of a sudden the ship starts to pull out to sea. No music no clapping no smilling faces from crew or passengers. I Hungry so ask ware to eat. Told go up one floor to the left. Arrive large dining area about maybe 20 table's with only two occupied. Start to brose available fare. Nothing looks good but think ill try the spegatti. Am told to pay and get ticket. Tell cashier what i want he says 25 dollars. I tell him i never had 25 dollar spaget any whare in the world so forget it. Go to cabin hungry and try the bed out. Bed is directly under air condition outlet blowing directly on bed. Cold as hell ! But now ready for bed take blancet and sheet off outher bed an double up on mine. Wearing my ropas try to get to sleep. Ship seems to have funny rithom motor churns for 2-3 minutes and then slip bang bed slide's back and forth. This is the whole night like this. Arrive ar San juan. To depart I ask the way out and told to go to rear of passage way. Go there and lots of people standing so ask them what to do. No one knows so all of us just waite to see what happens. Announcement says now gow all the way forward to disembark. So back to recption area. No directions so just get in line with others. Find out wrong line it is for people with cars. So just wait around untill someone says go this way. [Wait it's not over yet ] Go down gang plank to terminal. Go with others to coustoms find out i was not given coustoms clearence card. So go back to entrance and ask who has card's. Am told they should have given me one before dis-embarking. luckly a nice lady says she was given two and gives me her spair. So now on to Porto Rico. In Reflecting on what others have said about how nice it was to take the ferry I think i was on the wronge ferry . Would i ever take the ferry again. I'm not the smartest person in the world but would never take another ferry in MY LIFE ! Maybe if you got on drunk and stayed drunk the whole trip you would enjoy it ! I came back by Jet Blue 30 minute flight and not cold !


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Jan 20, 2003
Very recent review by an American man and his Puerto Rican - American wife bout the ferry. This was while arriving at Santo Domingo. They both moved from Las Vegas, USA and currently live in Santiago.