Update on the jail reform; Roberto Santana tells it all


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Feb 20, 2019

International jail expert Roberto Santana reaffirmed his statements that the Las Parras Jail can be in use with less than 30% of what President Luis Abinader had said was needed to conclude the jail. Santana insists an analysis of the jail situation in 2021 determined RD$288 million plus RD$72 million for access roads to be built by the Ministry of Public Works was needed to turn the mega jail with its 84 buildings into eight separate smaller jails with separate access roads. Santana is regarded as the leading jail reform specialist in Latin America

Santana said on the program that the Monday, 11 March 2024 fire at the La Victoria Jail with at least 13 inmate deaths, he received a call four days later from the President who consulted him on the difference between the RD$1.6 billion of the Ministry of Housing vs the RD$288 million plus RD$72 million in 2022 that he says is what...

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