Update on the talks for amending law creates national intelligence agency; second tier committee of lawyers to assess the law


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Feb 20, 2019

The legal advisor to President Luis Abinader, lawyer Antoliano Peralta says that during the last meeting of the committee chaired by the Dominican Society of Dailies (SDD) to study possible amendments to Law 1-24 that created the National Intelligence Agency, it was decided that a committee of lawyers would draft a report on whether the law should or should not be amended. Peralta said the Presidency would go along with the recommendations.

This would be a second-tier committee. The first committee was created with the participation of Peralta himself, the director of the DNI Luis Soto and members of the Dominican Society of Dailies (SDD).

In a letter sent to the Listin Diario, Peralta clarified: “We want to establish that what the undersigned announced in the program “Más Cerca,” broadcast on Sundays on Teleradio América, was the possibility of the designated committee rendering its...

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